Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Daily Class Schedule

Upper Division at the Pebble Beach Campus

The Upper Division (grades 9-12) follows a five-day, ten-period schedule with rotation (see right column). It includes three fixed periods, during which lunch is served; one fixed period reserved for assemblies, advisory meetings, music ensembles, and club meetings; and one fixed period for sports/activities. Periods A, B, C, G, and H rotate to different times throughout the week. Please click here to download.

Activities/Meetings Periods

Students and faculty can find information about what is scheduled in the activity period each day by checking the Daily Bulletin on Edsby.


View a Student's Schedule Online


Students and their parents and guardians can view and print student schedules online at any time during the school year. For instructions on how to view or print a schedule, follow the Viewing Guidelines on the Grade Reporting page.