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Learning Center

Self awareness, flexibility of learning, and positive academic esteem

Our approach to academic support is to view the student holistically and develop skills that will benefit them now and into the future. We collaborate with parents, teachers, advisors, peers and the student to build a team of support.

The Learning Center provides a range of services to students who are in need of support that transcends the generally content-based help offered by classroom teachers. Students are invited to act as full partners in developing plans to effectively:

  • manage academic stress,
  • learn about their strengths and needs as learners,
  • communicate with classroom teachers,
  • allocate time and energy, and
  • thrive using sustainable and empowering techniques.

Students interested in academic support may meet with an appropriate team member by appointment or on a drop-in basis. Additionally, the Learning Center offers individual and group sessions, conducts classes in learning skills and strategies, and assists qualified students with the implementation of certain collaborative accommodations based on documented needs.

If you have any questions about the services that we offer, please contact the Learning Center at

Learning Center Resources

Academic Support Classes

Stevenson offers two academic support courses, Skills for Academic Success and Learning Strategies. Taught by members of the Learning Center, both courses are designed to ensure a smooth academic transition at Stevenson and to create the most successful experience possible. Skills for Academic Success and Learning Strategies provide students with effective learning tools such as note-taking strategies, time management, test-taking tips, organizational techniques and ways to utilize the official Stevenson Pirate Planner. Our goal is to build the essential learning skills needed to be successful Stevenson students.


Stevenson wants to give every student the opportunity to succeed. The Learning Center will work with students and parents to create an Accommodations Plan for students with documented learning differences and/or any other diagnosed disabilities that impact learning.

In addition, the Learning Center can apply for accommodations on standardized testing (i.e. College Board and ACT) on behalf of students. For a more detailed and concise review of documentation guidelines, please refer to the web pages provided by the College Board and the ACT. Please provide relevant documentation to the Learning Center at

For more comprehensive information on documentation required for accommodations, please click here.

Faculty Support

The Learning Center believes that teachers are an invaluable resource inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers are available to meet with students one-on-one outside of class for a variety of needs, including extra help, clarifying questions about an assignment or upcoming test, delving deeper into a topic of interest, offering alternative explanations of a concept that is challenging for the student to comprehend, check in with class progress and grades, etc. One of the goals of the Learning Center is to instill the importance of communication between students and teachers and how it impacts their education.


In addition to Faculty Support, there are also alternative tutoring options. Peer Tutoring is a student-run club where student volunteers offer their time at no additional cost. Students in need of additional help in a subject are matched with a peer tutor, who has often taken that same class, and can schedule a time to meet on campus that works for both students.

The Learning Center also maintains a list of approved, For Pay Tutors who are available to work with students who may need additional subject-specific academic support. Approved tutors are familiar with Stevenson’s unique environment, instruction format, and classroom approaches.

Learning Collaborative

Learning Collaborative is an alternative study hall for those who elect to work in a small group setting in the Learning Center instead of the dorm. It is supervised by Learning Center staff and is open to both residential and day students. In this structured setting, students, with the help of the Learning Center staff, will come up with a study plan each night that includes time management, assignment breakdown and prioritization, and awareness of what resources are needed to complete homework. Students will check in with staff multiple times throughout the night to ensure completion and comprehension of assignments.


All services rendered through the Learning Center are confidential in nature, and may require the collaboration of residential and academic faculty, learning specialists, counseling staff, and parents or guardians.

Successful support includes providing the student with a private environment in which to freely express. Parents or guardians give permission to Stevenson School to use discretion, in accordance with professional ethics and state and federal laws, in deciding what information revealed by the student is shared with all above mentioned parties.

Parents and guardians have the right to information concerning their minor child in counseling, except where otherwise stated by law.

English as Second Language

Stevenson requires that all international students be fluent in English as we do not offer an official program in English as a second language. However, our teachers and faculty members are willing to meet any student for extra help, typically once a week.

Our Staff

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Dionne Dalhamer

Learning Specialist
California State University, Hayward, M.S.

Leti Moses

Learning Resources Coordinator

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8 a.m.–3 p.m.

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Learning Differences and Accommodations

If your child has a diagnosed learning difference or medical condition that affects learning or presents other life challenges, please provide the relevant documentation to the CRC before the opening of the school year.