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Technology Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stevenson technology department is to provide students, employees and visitors with tools and a reliable and secure technology infrastructure that supports teaching, learning, residential life, administration, summer programs, and other institutional endeavors. We strive to be responsive, adaptive, and solution-oriented while providing innovative systems to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Our vision is to engage students in the process of learning to use and manage digital tools and resources in the pursuit of educational goals and their understanding of the digital world they inhabit. As students navigate the internet, we focus on ethics and an understanding of our individual digital tattoo. This results in our students being well informed respectful digital citizens.

To achieve this:

  • We regularly take inventory of all resources and initiatives, and plan strategy-centric projects that align with the vision, mission and core values of the school.
  • We periodically reassess needs of all employees and families; current, prospective and alumni.
  • We take on business process improvements; evaluate if processes and workflow continue to remain effective, efficient or relevant.
  • We revisit vendor product and service offerings to ensure needs are being met.
  • We review and update applications, systems and technology to determine if there are gaps in what we currently have to meet the needs of the school moving forward.
  • We review team roles and responsibilities as processes, systems, services and technology evolve so that we are able to adapt to the changing landscape.
  • We help administration shape policies regarding the use of technology.

Within context of the above objectives we maintain focus on:

  • Customer Service: Provide educative, timely, accessible and dependable support
  • Security: Prevent, detect and respond to physical and virtual threats
  • Compliance: Meet or exceed federal, state and internal requirements
  • Innovation: Innovate as appropriate to the vision and mission of Stevenson
  • Workflow: Understand the people and processes of the organization and their inter-relationships, dependencies and hierarchy
  • Vulnerabilities: Identify information silos, systems and infrastructure
  • Business Continuity: Balance benefit vs risk with budget
  • Best practices: Apply best practices while considering the unique culture and qualities of Stevenson

Education Technology

Our 1:1 laptop program at the middle and upper divisions allows teachers to incorporate a wide variety of software applications and tools into their curricula. Our students comfortably use computers for writing, labs, games, research and communicating with teachers and peers.

Some technology tools in use:

  • Lower division (PK-5) students use Chromebooks and iPads
  • Middle division (6-8) students use MacBooks and iPads
  • Upper division (9-12) students operate under a BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) model using a variety of devices (Chromebooks, MacBooks, Laptops, iPads etc)
  • As a Google school, we employ most of the GSuite tools.
  • Canvas is our learning management system used to communicate with students regarding all of their academic work.
  • All classrooms are outfitted with modern audio visual equipment.
  • Both campuses have robotics programs and 3-D printers.

Technology Support

A robust technology infrastructure supports the seamless use of all our technology. Both campuses have a Wi-Fi network that spans the entirety of each campus. A technology support team has offices to assist students and faculty with any computer or mobile device issues encountered. Loaner laptops are available while repairs are being made. Online portals for students, faculty, and parents keep our community connected and informed.

How To Get Help

or drop by the Tech Center. Please provide a detailed explanation of your problem as well as how to communicate with you.


OPEN 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday, when school is in session.

After-hours appointments can be made by e-mailing Tech Support or stopping by the Tech Center during regular hours.