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Exploring Our World, Beyond Cookbook Guidance


Students of varied interests and backgrounds learn critical scientific principles to provide a foundation of knowledge for understanding natural and physical systems. Weekly lab activities are based on the principle of inquiry, where students solve scientific problems without cookbook guidance. Through outdoor experiences and field trips, students learn natural characteristics of our immediate environment as well as the incredibly rich natural history of the Monterey Bay area. Topics of environmental science are woven into many courses so students grasp the complex relationships between human activity and its impact on our ecosystem.

For those with particular interest in research activities, our faculty guide them to develop and investigate novel research questions, either for regional competitions or simply for personal enrichment.

Stevenson graduates, by honing skills of experimental design, observation, and data analysis become equipped to draw logical conclusions based on available evidence. They will have the tools to make sense of new science discoveries and to make informed choices in our increasingly complex world.


Science Stories

Courses Offered

To read complete course descriptions, please view our current Curriculum Guide below:

Curriculum Guide