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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

World Languages

Communicating in a Globalized World

The mission of the Stevenson World Languages department is to prepare students for communicating in an increasingly globalized world. Stevenson offers five language options: Chinese, French, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish. In the chosen language, students begin reading, writing, listening, and speaking on day one. Learning another language and becoming familiar with the cultures associated with that language imparts an invaluable perspective for thriving in our global community. While no classroom may authentically replicate the opportunity to travel, work, study, or live in another country, our goal is to widen each student's world with an enriching and engaging foreign language experience. Students share this voyage with their fellow language learners, as the building of relationships epitomizes the journey of learning a new language: learning with others in the company of others.

Language learning and acquisition is a lifelong pursuit: our teachers’ passion for language is evident in their student-centered instruction, and we infuse our students with a cultural awareness and sensitivity that they will carry with them beyond Stevenson.


World Languages Updates

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Courses Offered

To read complete course descriptions, please view our current Curriculum Guide below:

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