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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Student Life

At the core of Stevenson's student experience is a shared set of values, an Honor Code, and common standards of conduct by which our community agrees to live by. From this foundation, the opportunities to lead, get involved, or find a new passion allow students to thrive in new environments, both on campus and off.

Student Leadership

Students learn how to serve their school community through 150 different on-campus leadership opportunities including Admission Ambassadors, Student Council, Senior Forum, Sophomore Wilderness Expedition, Dormitory Prefects, Resident Activities Council, and more.



Stevenson’s clubs—usually about two dozen in number—are founded and led by students, and shift perpetually with their passions and interests. Many involve off-campus conferences and competitions.

Students with a particular interest not represented by a current club may ask a faculty advisor to sponsor the club. The list of clubs changes each year depending on the interests of the students. The current list of clubs includes:


Animation and Comics Club

Art and Philosophy

Baking Club

Business Education Initiative Club 

Cancer Awareness Club

Chess Club

Christian Pirates Club

Community Service

Dance Crew

Debate Club

Disney Club

Entrepreneurship Club

Environmental Club


French Club

Frisbee Club

Habitat for Humanity (Stevenson Chapter)

Hackey Sack Club

International Club

Jewish Community Club

Korean Culture Club

Math Club

Model United Nations Club

Nerf Gun Club

Pride Club

Red Cross Club

Science Club

Scottish Country Dancing


Strategy Games Club

Stress Relief Club

Surfrider Club

Taiwanese Culture Connection

Thai Club

Unicef Club

Urban Pirates

World Scholars

Student Publications

Students publish through three journalistic and creative publications each year:

Tusitala—Student-run newspaper

Vailima—Student literary magazine

Spyglass—Student yearbook


Multiple performance venues—Keck Auditorium, Wandke Amphitheater, the Little Theater, and the Treasure Room—offer our musicians and thespians ample opportunities to share their talents. The school annually mounts three main stage theater productions, a spring dance recital, two music concerts, several coffee house-style “open mic” events, and the incredible annual student music festival, Keckstock.

Student Resources:

Honor Code

We assert a personal code of honor that compels honesty with ourselves and in our dealings with others, courage in accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions, and commitment to seeking fulfillment in our best work.