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Counseling Office


Supportive services to students with a focus on education and prevention.

The Counseling Resource Center, located at the heart of the Pebble Beach Campus, offers a breadth of supportive services to students with a focus on education and prevention. We work with students to develop plans to manage stress, make better use of time, develop study skills and learning strategies, or cope with homesickness. Students interested in academic support or mental health counseling may meet with an appropriate team member by appointment or on a drop-in basis.

Our campus resources can address most academic and counseling support needs. However, the Counseling Resource Center can refer students to specialists in the community for medication management, test preparation, and psychoeducational testing. The Counseling Resource Center also provides referrals to outside tutors when needed.

Counseling Resource Center services may include individual or group sessions, enrollment in our Study Skills or Learning Strategies class and help in putting learning accommodations in place. Any student with a documented learning difference can request the support of the Counseling Resource Center in applying for accommodations on standardized tests.


All services rendered through the Counseling Resource Center are confidential in nature, and may require the collaboration of residential and academic faculty, learning specialists, counseling staff, and guardians.

Successful support includes providing the student with a private environment in which to freely express. Parents or guardians give permission to Stevenson School to use discretion, in accordance with professional ethics and state and federal laws, in deciding what information revealed by the child is shared with all above mentioned parties.

Parents and guardians have the right to information concerning their minor child in counseling, except where otherwise stated by law.

By completing the online Policies and Permissions form, parents and guardians give consent for Stevenson School to provide services to the child through the Counseling Resource Center.

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