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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Health Center

The Campus Health Center is available during the school week to take care of the immediate health needs of all students and is located on the lower level of the Rosen Family Student Center in the back of the building. (The entry is from the outside.) A nurse is on call for resident student emergencies overnight and on weekends. All medical and dental appointments for resident students are arranged through the health center.


Resident students who are ill and need to be excused from class must see the nurse before class begins. Parents may not call in to excuse resident students. Students must be seen in the health center by the nurse. Excused absences from athletics for resident students are granted through the health center.

Day students who wish to be excused from class and go home must come to the health center to contact their parent or guardian for permission to leave campus. Students must sign out in the dean's office before leaving campus.

Neither the health center nor the residence halls are equipped to handle post-operative care. Surgeries should be scheduled during breaks when school is not in session and the student has recovered before returning to school.

The health center is responsible for maintaining accurate and current immunization records for all students as mandated by the state of California.

All students must have a complete immunization record and physical examination record on file in the health center before school begins.

All injuries that occur to students at school or during a school related activity such as an athletic event must be reported to the health center. The nurse has forms which must be completed immediately for reasons of insurance and liability.

Flu Immunization Clinic

Stevenson School offers flu immunizations, conducted by the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), on both Pebble Beach and Carmel campuses each fall. The dates/times for Fall 2017 are:

  • Upper Division: Friday, September 28, 11am-1pm, Rosen Family Student Center

The price of the vaccine is $30 per person (no charge for Stevenson employees). The fee may be paid by check, cash, or deducted from the student's account.

The VNA advises, "Students with acute illness; students with an allergic reaction to thimerosal, latex or eggs; pregnant students; or students with an immune disorder when the vaccine is to be given should NOT participate in the program."

Upper Division

A parent must sign the consent form for each child receiving the flu vaccine who is under 18 years of age. The consent form must arrive at the Health Center the day before the immunization clinic. Download and print the Consent Form for Minors, complete it, and return it by one of the methods below.

  • Bring the completed form to the Pebble Beach Campus Health Center
  • Fax the completed form to the Health Center at 831-625-8345
  • Scan the completed form and send by email to:
  • Mail the completed form to:
    Stevenson School Health Center
    3152 Forest Lake Road
    Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Questions can be directed to the Pebble Beach Campus Health Center at or 831-625-8326.

Lower and Middle Division

Parents are welcome to join their children and receive a flu vaccine, too. Please contact Stacy Cimoli or 831-574-4600, and provide her with the names of your family members who will receive the vaccine.

A parent does not have to be present for the child to be immunized. If a family member will not be present, please complete the Consent Form for Minors and return it to school prior to the day of the clinic. If a family member is not present, and a parent has not completed the Consent Form, the child may not receive a vaccine.

Illness and Medications

The health of the student body is in the capable hands of the individuals in the Student Health Center. The center is staffed with an evening and day regsitered nurse who works closely with area physicians and health centers. The focus of the Student Health Center is wellness; that is, they work with advisors and dorm parents to help prevent illnesses before they occur.

What happens if my child gets sick or needs medication?

Stevenson has a nurse on duty in the Health Center in the Rosen Family Student Center Monday - Friday. Hours are posted on the right.

The Health Center is set up like a mini-infirmary so the students who feel sick during class time can come and lie down under the nurse's watchful eye. Students will stay in the infirmary during school hours - not in their room.

If the nurse believes that a sick or injured child needs to be taken to see a doctor, this is done right away. He or she will be taken to Monterey Bay Urgent Care, Doctors on Duty, or the emergency room at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. If you prefer, you can make arrangements with a private physician to see your child. It is important to check with your health insurance company or HMO to make sure your health insurance will cover care provided by these clinics or the hospital.

Please note that if your child needs surgery, it should be completed over a vacation period at home. Stevenson can also arrange appointments for students who need to see dentists, orthodontists, or dermatologists.

If your child is seriously ill or injured, he or she will be sent home to recuperate. However, you will find that the Stevenson staff can do a very effective job of taking excellent care of most illnesses and injuries, particularly if you discuss the situation with your child, the school nurse, and the dorm head. If you are concerned about sports participation following an illness or injury, please talk to the coach directly as well as to the dorm head and the Dean of Students.

Stevenson School has a policy (see "Medications" under Pebble Beach Campus School Policies) regarding all psychotropic medications, including stimulants, antidepressants, sedatives, and medicines used to treat attention deficit disorder. This includes such medications as Ritalin, Adderal, Zoloft, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, and Ambien. These medications will be kept in the Health Center and dispensed in weekly allotments. This is for the protection of all students.

We require that students prescribed these medications inform the Health Center of their treatment. They must bring their medication to the Health Center at the beginning of each term or at initiation of treatment. We are sensitive to issues of confidentiality. Students can be assured that their privacy will be respected and that this information will not be shared. Students, their parents, the counseling office, and the Dean's Office will be notified if students fail to comply with this policy.

Student Insurance

As part of Stevenson’s commitment to the safety, health, and wellness of all of our students, the School requires that all students be covered by an insurance policy with a school-sanctioned US-based insurance carrier. Stevenson has partnered with UnitedHealthCare Options PPO Plan to offer comprehensive insurance plans for our students that do not currently meet this criteria. Click here to learn more.

Hours of Operation

School Year Hours

7:00 am to 10:00 pm


7:00 am to 7:00 pm



A nurse is on call at all other times.

Contact Information

Erica Sanborn (Day Nurse)
Leah Myers (Evening Nurse)

831-625-8345 (fax)

Health Center Forms

Each summer, a number of Health Center forms must be completed by August 1. Please complete these forms on our online Magnus Health Forms website.