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A Message from the Head of the Upper Division

As upper division students begin to prepare for their staggered return to campus on April 7, and we eagerly await the opportunity to once again be together, we are also taking stock of all that we have learned from the challenges we have faced since March 2020.
In welcoming you to this area of the School’s website, I want to first reflect on two key lessons we have learned over the past year. First, Stevenson students have proven themselves to be incredibly resilient. Whether they live down the street or on the other side of the world, their engagement and performance while in remote instruction have been exemplary, and their spirits have remained high. Second, our teachers have shown themselves to be as dedicated as they are creative—which they first demonstrated by the speed and grace with which they pivoted to remote instruction, and then showed by their swift mastery of new instructional techniques that will surely continue to benefit their students even after life returns to normal. Of course, we knew that our students and teachers had these distinctive qualities before we were forced to go remote, but to see them remain powerfully on display in the face of remarkable and sustained challenges has been a source of inspiration to us all.
While COVID-19 has undeniably been the central reality of the past year, the pandemic hasn’t kept us from continuing to move Stevenson forward. Indeed, our commitment to making a great school even better has continued without pause, just as has been the case for the past several years. In just the past few years, we have: 

  • redesigned our daily schedule, including a later start to the academic day and longer class periods for immersive, collaborative learning
  • implemented a variety of assessments that reduce needless academic stress, and replaced days previously dedicated to testing with days dedicated to learning
  • refined our approach to orienting and supporting new students
  • increased electives across all academic departments
  • reinvented our science curriculum to take advantage of our remarkable physical location
  • increased our commitment to community engagement, with place-based curricula and opportunities for service learning
  • strengthened our college counseling program through the addition of more full-time college counselors and extensive training of our teacher-counselors
  • promoted the formation of student affinity groups, based on student feedback and advocacy and supported by our director of equity and inclusion 

To this partial list of our accomplishments, I will add that we believe it’s never been more important to be guided by our School’s core values of safety, trust, respect, belonging, and inclusion. Our community’s commitment to these values—to always seeking to minimize the gap between what we say we value and what we do—allows our students to gain a truly meaningful education, as well as lifelong friends and mentors, and also learn how to shape a joyful life. 
Our shared goal is to provide all Stevenson students with the opportunity to live, learn, and grow among peers and adults who share this dedication to authenticity, purpose, and fun. In that light, I invite you to explore this site to get a sense of who we are, and to learn what makes Stevenson such a special place.
Dr. Dan Griffiths
Head of the Upper Division

Dr. Dan Griffiths

Dr. Dan Griffiths
Head of the Upper Division