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Preparation - Final Gear Check (Liz O'Hara lohara@stevensonschool.org)

Today the sophomores brought all of their gear to school for the final gear inspection. Any missing items were noted, and the sophomores went home with clear lists of what to bring back to complete their collections. Our coleaders and instructors used the final gear inspection as an opportunity to give the sophomores packing tips, and to talk to them about their hopes and fears for the Expedition. I've included a few pictures.

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Liz learned her love for the outdoors at the hands of her father during many canoeing and kayaking trips on the rivers of Missouri. She was hooked as soon as she heard about Stevenson's fledgling outdoors program and took NOLS courses in leadership and rock climbing to broaden her skill set. Liz has been involved in the Sophomore Wilderness Expedition since 1995, leading four sophomore crews and four trail crews and spending the other years as the communications coordinator. She has also been involved in Stevenson's rock climbing and kayaking programs. Liz can be reached here.