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Transportation Service to Airports

Stevenson Airport Shuttle Bus

Stevenson provides transportation to the San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) international airports at the beginning of major breaks. Students who are interested in signing up for this transportation should look for a Canvas message from the Director of Residence in the weeks prior to each major break.

The schedule for the school year is in the box at right. Stevenson charges approximately $35 to student accounts for this service.

Parents who live near SFO or SJC and will pick up their children at either airport should choose a meeting location ahead of time. The shuttles will drop kids off on the departure level, so it works best to choose a specific terminal and airline as a meeting location.

There are no school-sponsored shuttles at the end of the school year. We recommend Monterey Airbus.

Return Transportation from Airport Back to School

Because students return at different times, Stevenson does not offer a return shuttle to campus, and students will need to coordinate their own travel arrangements back to campus. Independent reservations can be made with Monterey Airbus.

Monterey Airbus

If a resident student is unable to use the Stevenson shuttle bus, we recommend contacting the Monterey Airbus. Reservations are strongly recommended, and additional information can be found on their website at

Stevenson Airport Shuttle Bus Schedule 2019–20