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Where You Belong

As a California school enlightened by a global sensibility, Stevenson is premised on a vision of education as the means by which we discover the world and contribute to its transformation. We believe that one’s education is best pursued in the company of others, for others’ benefit as well as one’s own. Close to the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Stevenson offers a values-driven community experience influenced by the distinctive beauty, ecological biodiversity, and contemplative culture of the Central Coast.


Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4

Our environment supports a child’s innate nature to learn through play. Expert adults guide students through the development of independence, self regulation, sense of belonging, and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.


Grades 5 - 8

Students continue to build confidence in themselves, trust in their teachers, and strong bonds with their peers. Days are a balance of challenging academics and exploring new interests, and demonstrating community leadership.


Grades 9 - 12

Our challenging program of study inspires growth and rewards curiosity. Students from 17 states and 23 countries live, play and study together on our 50 acre campus located just minutes from the Pacific ocean.

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We invite you to work hard and happily alongside free thinkers who ask questions, take chances, and inspire each other every day.